You are Loved

Hey you! Yes, you. I have something wonderful to tell you. 

You are Loved. 

There is nothing you could ever do that would take this Love away from you.

Every single moment you are basking in this Love. 

This Love…it’s what you’ve been searching for your whole life. It’s the golden key you felt like everybody had but you. And guess what? You’ve had it in your pocket the entire time. 

This Love is within you. It’s waiting for you. 

The only reason why you don’t feel this Love is because of blocks you put up against it. And, luckily, you can remove them. 

If you aren’t sure if you believe me, take note of what you think about each and every day. How often are you angry? How often are you beating yourself up? How often are you pursuing something in the world that doesn’t end up making you happy? Are you endlessly distracting yourself? Is your mind racing a mile a minute trying to remember all the things you want to be and need to do? 

All of these thoughts, all of these patterns, are your blocks to Love. 

Removing these blocks seems really hard, especially when you realize that almost everything you’re doing and thinking is blocking Love. All those times when you thought self-criticism made you stronger and pushed you harder, you pushed Love a little farther away. All those times when you thought you knew exactly what you needed and when you needed it, you turned off Love’s voice. All those times when you raged against someone else (whether you felt it was justified or not), you told Love to wait, that you weren’t ready for it yet. 

Are you ready for it now? I know I am. 

That’s what this blog is about–journeying back to this Love. Remembering what we’ve forgotten. Taking Love by the hand and welcoming it in, in each and every moment. This journey isn’t about going somewhere, or finding someone. It’s about going within. 

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