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Since I was 12 years old, and maybe even younger, I’ve been worrying about what the eff my life purpose is.

Throughout my childhood, I asked my mother incessantly what my talent is and what my purpose for being here is. (Sorry, Mom!) I continued to struggle with this throughout my teens and twenties, and took tests and courses to figure out what my ideal career is.

Unfortunately, those courses and tests didn’t really give me any helpful answers…..until this past April, when I was guided to a course I couldn’t refuse, called (drum roll, please!) MIRACLE WORKER!

As a student of A Course in Miracles, I absolutely loved the name, and I saw this course as something that could actually help me experience a miracle, or a shift in perception, around my career and all the struggles I have around it.

The course is led by two badass #girlbosses you might have heard of—Gala Darling and Ellen Fondiler. Both women have held lots of different jobs and started their own businesses (blogger, cake decorator, lawyer, gardener—the list goes on) so they know a thing or two about living your purpose. I was so excited to get started, and to have a course that promised both gaining clarity and taking steps towards your dreams.

Each week we went over a different topic, complete with interviews, workbooks, Gala’s playlists, access to the private Facebook group, Q and A calls. True to my roots, my favorite part was the mindset shift that I experienced.

Gala and Ellen constantly encouraged us to 

just      get     started. 

They told us again and again that you are NEVER locked into one career. You can change your mind, and it’s not “bad” if you do so! Plus, in your new business or career, you’ll probably be able to incorporate some of the skills you learned in your old job, so it’s all good.

It was in this mindset that I was able to gain true clarity about what I want to do, and to allow myself the freedom to dream right now. I love to plan, and I always imagine my next plan being “the one” that will make my life perfect. That I’ll never need to change my mind, or do something different. But that is really limiting and puts a lot of pressure on me to be perfect.

So taking on this mindset of what do I want to do right now, and what’s my life purpose right now, I dropped the idea that there is only one career that could ever make me happy. I began to dream about what felt good for me right now, and I felt more capable of taking action because I knew that this was all a fun experiment, and if it didn’t work, I could try something else.

“You have to move—take action, take chances, reflect and refine—in order to gain more clarity on what you’re doing and where you’re going.” 

Miracle Worker

It was through the action steps that I got brave enough to consider life coaching and to start contacting training programs, which is how I found Inner Glow Circle (yay! & post to come on that).

If you feel called to take a deeper and more empowered look at yourself and your career, check Miracle Worker out. The next course goes on sale today (YAY!) and class kicks off on Monday, September 7th.

Gala and Ellen are amazing guides on this fun exploration, and if you’re open to doing the work, you’ll definitely get clarity + results.

this post is not sponsored (either in cash or product), but the links in the post and sidebar are affiliate which means if you join Miracle Worker after clicking through this post I will receive a small commission.

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