Why do I need a guide?

Does the idea of having an inner guide weird you out? Are you wondering why you need one? Are you curious what the hype is all about?

Basically, the point of your inner guide is explained in the quote above. We can’t solve our problems from the same place we encountered them. In ACIM terms, that place would be the ego, our thinking mind.

And the new place, the new way of thinking that would actually help us deal with our problems, would be called your inner guide. ACIM names it the “Holy Spirit,” but you can call your inner guide whatever you want—Higher Self, Inner Teacher, Buddha-nature, Larry, whatever. “Holy Spirit” can trigger people who don’t dig Christian terminology, but know that the words don’t matter. The words don’t matter, your beliefs don’t even matter! You can totally be like, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN INNER GUIDE. All you have to do is be willing to try it out.

Because it’s the experience that matters.

And the experience that getting in touch with your inner guide brings is one of peace. This experience of peace comes from what ACIM would call forgiveness, which is synonymous with letting go, with totally cutting ties with the past and all your thoughts and feelings that aren’t love.

So the process sort of looks like this:

You see, hear, or feel something that triggers you. (It could be something you did, something someone else did, something someone you know did, a situation in the world, etc.)

Judgments usually fly into your mind as soon as you get triggered, and the judgments are swooping in—but you stop.

You stop and you ask,

How could I see this differently?

And this is where the notion of the inner guide comes in handy!!

Because you sure don’t want the part of you who’s making judgments—ego—to also answer this question. Because when the ego answers the question, you won’t actually experience a shift (aka you won’t actually FEEL BETTER). You’re answering from the same place, so nothing really changes—you are still coming from a place of fear, judgment, and guilt.

Instead, we want to switch where we’re coming from, we want to use a different kind of thinking. We want to stop coming from the ego and start coming from our inner guide—which is how we’ll feel better and get that peace we keep talking about. But this means stepping out of our ego, our thinking mind, and stepping into a perspective that is totally unrelated to the ego’s, to the old.

To experience this unrelated perspective, we use the idea of an inner guide, and we turn towards it for a new perspective.

In truth, this guide is still you—it’s just the more laid back, super connected, all-Loving and confident part of you. But it’s helpful and sometimes very comforting to view this inner guide as a buddy, as someone you can turn to, as someone who will truly guide you forward on the right path and show you this new way of seeing. It’s this part of you that really knows you and how to help you keep growing and moving forward. It will catapult you into a new perspectives when you need a huge jump, and it will gently ease you into new perspectives when you need some coddling.

To sweeten the deal, when you allow your inner guide to speak up, you also get to just sit back and receive. You don’t have to jump up and down or scramble to think of a way to see things differently. Instead, you just let your inner guide answer instead of trying to figure it out for yourself. And that’s the ultimate goal of ACIM—to get us to stop filling in all the blanks so we can receive a new experience!

Because when we constantly fill in the blanks, we stay in the same patterns and limitations. We don’t have any room for possibility, for miracles, for peace—we’re too stuck in our own ideas of what will happen next.

So open up a little this week and feel out this inner guide stuff. See what it’s like to use a different kind of thinking. Be willing to have a totally new experience! I invite you to have fun and to see things differently.

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