When a thought reoccurs in my mind over and over, I take it as a sign from my inner Self to PAY ATTENTION.

The thought that’s been coming up for me lately is a wonderful one: my life is the development of trust.

If you are a student of A Course In Miracles and you’ve explored the Manual for Teachers, you know there’s a section there called “The Development of Trust” in a chapter defining the characteristics of a Teacher of God. Trust is the quality that all other characteristics rest on; it’s the most important quality to cultivate.

So you’d think that, as a student of ACIM, I’d focus on that and start growing my trust, but I overlooked this section for a long time. I was very afraid of what the development of trust would mean for my life. I felt like it would mean that things were going to change rapidly, and that I would lose my friends and my family, and I would just have to trust that God would provide whatever I need.

But these thoughts were all coming from the old ideas about what it means to be a teacher of God, old ideas that centered on sacrifice. Any time that you believe that you need to literally be like Jesus, to be like the biblical Jesus, you’re believing that you need to sacrifice in order to gain God’s Love and support.

That’s something Spirit tells us is not true. God never asks us to sacrifice.

Sacrifice is a notion totally unknown to God. T-3.I.4

To someone else, it may look like you’re sacrificing something as you shed old activities, people, or places in favor of something new…but to you it will feel like a gentle shift, something really really natural.

That’s what I love about ACIM and the process in general—gentleness, support, ease, and love is our natural state! What we’re experiencing and how we’re living right now is unnatural. That’s why it sucks so much, why we feel so separate and different and alone, because this illusion is not what we were made for.

So in our unnatural state, feeling fear feels natural and trusting feels unnatural. When we start to trust, it feels like we’re going to have to sacrifice, but Spirit tells us over and over that we won’t. Trusting felt unnatural for a really long time, but with this thought (My life is the development of trust) playing over and over again like some long-lost record, I feel like it’s time to move on.

I feel like this thought is a sign for me from the Universe that it’s time to take a step forward—it’s time to accept the development of trust and to start freakin’ trusting! Because if Spirit’s telling me that sacrifice isn’t real, that God’s not gonna ask me to sacrifice and that everything’s going to be easy and natural and gentle…what am I afraid of?

Of course, change for the ego always feels scary. Ego always thinks that things can only change for the worse, and there’s no way life can get any better than it is now. But when I’m working with my inner Self, with Spirit, I experience life as something amazing and beautiful and easy.

I wanted to share this thought—that our lives are the development of trust—as I also shared my life coaching services with the world. Because, believe it or not, it took a lot of trusting to get bold enough to share it!

But this is what it’s all about for me—walking my talk, actually practicing these principles, and serving other people.  

And I know that I don’t have to be afraid that I’m going to fail. I know you don’t have to be afraid that you’re going to fail. We don’t have to be afraid that it’s going to be hard and scary and lonely. 

Because we have unlimited support. 


If we trust, we have access to that every single second.

That’s what makes it easy,
that’s what helps,
that’s what works.

Invite trust into your life today. Invite your life to be a beautiful demonstration of the development of trust in your inner Self, in your inner wisdom. And let it be fun. Let it be light. Don’t obsess over what trust is or what it looks like. This life, this classroom, is all for us. 

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