There is more

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Have you ever taken a step back and thought about your life and been like Hmm. Is this it? Is this constant struggle all there is? 

I’m here to tell you no way, dude. There. is. more. 

When we’re ready, we can experience love, abundance, and guidance galore. 

At the 2015 ACIM conference in New York City, Lisa Natoli told me that our generation (yes, you and me!) is not going to sit back and live within the limits that the world (the ego) has prescribed for us. 

We are the generation who’s ready to stand up, and move forward and break through. Lisa said we’re going to be the troublemakers. 

I recently spoke with another awesome teacher, Coreen Walson who told me the same thing. She said our generation is DONE talking about it–we’re ready to do it. 

We’re hungry for more. We know that in this life, THIS IS NOT IT. There is more out there that we need, that we want, that we’re ready for.

She said we’re coming into this time for a very specific reason, that we have an awesome, exciting job to do–to awaken. 

We need to awaken to the LOVE that we are, which means awakening to the POWER, the STRENGTH, and the DIVINITY we are. 

Our lesson is to learn that we are still as God created us. 


That means we are powerful, strong, whole and complete. That we are loved in every instant, that we are lovable, and that we can love others with our full heart and not be afraid. 

This stuff takes courage. It takes a willingness to be open to new ideas. But I know you’ve got it in you, because I know I’ve got it in me. 

Let’s be partners in crime together, let’s take this world by storm. Let’s stop listening to all the people who say, “You could never do that.” “That’s just the way the world is.” “Happiness is impossible.” 

That’s the old way of thinking, being, and living, and that’s just not for us. 

We are all powerful, my sisters and brothers. We have the Divine behind us, rooting for us to make a difference in our lives and in others’. We have the power to heal ourselves and to be happy all the time. 

It’s time to unplug from the old, and plug in to the new.

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