Spirit is My Wedding Planner

My life has been super busy lately. I’m working on my life coaching business, working the day job, getting coached, coaching others, freelancing, trying to watch all 5 seasons of Game of Thrones before I’m 80, and, oh yeah, planning a wedding.

Planning a wedding is a lot more involved than I imagined, and can involve some crazy feelings! When I got engaged, I decided that I’d make Spirit my wedding planner, and be a super relaxed bride-to-be, but it’s been hard to stick by that. It can be so hard to trust that I have this amazing inner support that is with me no matter what.

As I am dealing with this busyness, I’m realizing over and over again that I need to root into this support. When I am freaking out about my dress, or the flowers, or the seating, I need to trust. I’m not alone in wedding planning. I have my wonderful fiancé, family and friends. And I have Spirit, who is guiding me always, whether I feel it or not. I always have this inner support that reminds me to laugh. To laugh at the silly seriousness with which I regard all things wedding. To laugh at the business, to laugh at the courses, to laugh at this silly idea that I don’t have enough time or money or energy to do everything I want to do.

Spirit encourages me to laugh because these ideas are baseless! They have no foundation in fact. Is there any way there could be a lack in me? No! Spirit reminds me:

We are unlimited.

We are supported.

We are Spirit.

The way we remember this throughout the busyness is by handing those thoughts over to Spirit. This is what it looks like in my mind:

Thoughts: OMG, if my wedding dress doesn’t look perfect, I’m going to have the worst day of my life. Everyone’s going to see that I’m not perfect, I’m not good enough….

Prayer: Whoa. Spirit, I am seriously freaking out about this dress. It feels really important to me right now. It feels like the way this dress looks has power over me and my peace. I don’t understand in this moment how it could not have power over me. Will you look at this with me? 

Spirit looks with me. Sometimes I laugh right away, sometimes it takes a little bit of time. But whether or not I laugh, I feel that support. I feel that I am not alone, that I don’t have to figure it all out on my own.

Really, accessing the support of Spirit, of your inner guide, is all about the willingness. The willingness to stop and to ask, to question what you’re seeing and thinking and feeling. If we are not willing to question what’s going on, we can’t be open to a new interpretation.

Because that’s what our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions are…interpretations. We can always choose to see things differently!

I am choosing, day by day, as the big day comes closer and closer, to see it differently. To remember what it’s really about, and to know that Spirit will still be there, supporting me. If a problem comes up, I’ll deal with it. It doesn’t have to mean the day is ruined, that I did a bad job, that my wedding isn’t good enough. Only I give it that interpretation. When Spirit looks, we just laugh. It is all good.

Are you looking for support, too? Have you taken some time to connect with that glorious inner guide within you? Take a minute today, this week, to stop within the busyness. Take time to stop and reconnect, and get willing to question what seems to be going on. I promise you’ll find that inner support you’re looking for, whether you’re starting a business, healing a relationship, or planning a wedding! 😉

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