Prayer for Perfectionists

Prayer for Perfectionists


Perfectionism is a natural part of my survival mechanism. I’ve created an image of myself that I think is “perfect” and would make me happy, and when I seem to achieve that image, I’m happy, and when I don’t, I’m unhappy. That image pervades work, play, all areas of my life.

It’s like I’m always asking, am I meeting my standards? Is my body good enough? Is my work good enough? Are my relationships good enough? Is my house clean enough? Am I doing enough? Am I perfect enough?

This creates a cycle of self-punishment that I’m no longer willing to endure. I’m willing to be happy! 

In this willingness, I was inspired to write this prayer. I use it at work, at play, whenever I feel my old habits of perfectionism coming up. I hope that it is helpful to you in your life! 

I am willing to see the world differently.

I am willing to embrace the world as my classroom.

I am willing to embrace myself as a child in this classroom.

I am willing to LEARN.

I am willing to BE TAUGHT.

I am willing to release the idea that I need to be “perfect.”

I am willing to make mistakes.

I’m willing to forgive myself for making mistakes, knowing that in truth there are no mistakes.

Every so-called “mistake” I make is a stepping stone to Truth.

I am grateful for every stepping stone.

I am grateful for my Inner Teacher, who leads me through all my lessons. I trust my Teacher and know He is always with me.

I am a happy learner. 

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