Post-Election Blues? Holy Spirit’s got you.

If after the election you were like…WTF?! You are not alone.

Throughout this election, I made an effort not to pay attention and to try not to get hooked in (though I did many times). There are so many examples of hatred we’ve all seen throughout this time, and it is disheartening. Many looked forward to election day just so that the pain would all be over. Then, Donald Trump was elected. That was not just disheartening…it felt/feels devastating. What is going to happen to us?

When something like this happens, it can feel like God has abandoned us. Like, how could God let a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic former reality TV star become the leader of the United States of America?

There are many “spiritual” answers to this question—everything happens for a reason. God knows better than me. God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle.

But A Course in Miracles pushed me to go deeper and remember that

God doesn’t do anything in this world. He didn’t create it. He didn’t “make” Donald Trump president. He didn’t “make” Hillary Clinton lose. He doesn’t decide what I can and can’t handle. He doesn’t know I’m here, in this world.

One of the big mistakes I make with the Course ALL.THE.TIME. is trying to bring truth into the illusion. I forget that God doesn’t have any idea that I’m here in my dream world, and that he doesn’t “do” things to me. He’s not up in Heaven deciding like, “Oh, Carly held the door for someone today, make sure she gets a parking spot in the front.” And conversely, “Carly cut someone off in traffic today, make her forget to pay her cable bill.” To extend it further, God is NOT saying, “The United States of America hasn’t been very good to others these last hundred years or so. Let’s give bring someone unstable, maniacal, and utterly ignorant into power.” 

Is this hard to read? I feel like it is sometimes. I want to believe that God is watching me, that if I do certain things, I can “get” Him to reward me. I can get my life to go my way. But, according to the Course (which is my pathway despite the many times I’ve thrown the book at the wall), it simply doesn’t work like that.

God doesn’t know we’re here, because—super big metaphysical picture alert—the separation never really happened. Yet we BELIEVE it did, so we see ourselves in this crazy separate world playing out a crazy separate script. As we believed that we separated from God, God gave us the Answer, the Holy Spirit, immediately. This may seem kind of heady, like ok God doesn’t know I’m here and the separation didn’t happen, but God gave me the Answer? I heard someone compare it to an infection in your body. When your body senses that you have an infection, it sends white blood cells to correct the imbalance. But you don’t know it’s happening. You don’t feel the white blood cells rushing to the infection, and you don’t tell them to do anything, it’s a natural response. God’s Answer was a natural response.

The Holy Spirit’s role as my Answer in this dream is NOT to help me get my life to go the way I want it to. He is not here to change the FORM—things, people, places outside of me (even my body). He is here to help me change my EXPERIENCE of the form.

“Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world” (

Changing your MIND about the world…this is the miracle. This is Holy Spirit’s gift to me, and this is how He can always guarantee me peace, comfort, safety, and happiness. When I choose to give my thoughts to Holy Spirit—when I am truly willing—I will receive a change of mind that brings me back to my truth and back into peace no matter WHO is president.

This is my challenge to myself—to stop, once and for all, expecting God or the Holy Spirit to change form and to start letting Him change my experience of form. In all things—the president, my body, my career, relationships, television shows, whatever! I am ready for Him to change my experience of forms so that I always experience peace.

If you’re excited for this challenge too, here’s a prayer you can use whenever a form is coming up that is troubling you. Add to the prayer if it is helpful—tell Holy Spirit about the form that’s upsetting you, bring all the gunky sad scary feelings to His gentle, kindly light. When we are honest and show Spirit everything, miracles occur.

Holy Spirit,

I am ready to commit totally to working miracles with You. I am ready to stop looking to form to decide whether or not You are with me. I acknowledge that You are with me every second. I am ready to learn every day that you help me change my experience of form.

A certain form is coming up in my life that troubles me (e.g. Donald Trump being elected as president scares me). I am ready now to let You change my experience of this form. I hand this over to You completely, and I acknowledge that I am perfectly taken care of in every way. I am so grateful for this miracle and for Your guidance. May Your Will be done. Thank you. Amen.

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