Inner Teacher and Outer Teachers

I am currently training to become a minister through Pathways of Light. This is a 4 step process that has tons of amazing, healing material.

I’ve experienced so many shifts since beginning my training. Most of the ideas are things that I intellectually knew but that I didn’t really understand how to practice, like choosing peace no matter what and connecting with my guide. The courses helped me bring a lot of other painful memories and beliefs to the light. By always encouraging me to give everything to Spirit, I’m moving forward on my journey happily and easily.

I was led to begin this work after hearing Maria Felipe on Jennifer Hadley‘s Living A Course in Miracles program. Maria shared her journey with the Course, and I loved her commitment to the principles and her constant laughter. So, I googled her, and found her website. It said that she was a minister through Pathways of Light, and that she facilitated courses.

I found a P.O.L. course I thought sounded interesting (funnily enough, it was one of the most advanced courses in the curriculum!), asked her to facilitate me, and the rest is history.

Maria and I met in person at the 2015 ACIM Conference in NYC. There was lots of hugging and squealing! 

The Course is described as a “self-study curriculum,” and it is definitely possible to pick up the book and do it on your own. The point of the Course is truly to connect with your own Inner Guide and to learn to follow that guidance.

However, we sometimes need an outer Teacher to help point out the way.

It was a really great experience to work with a facilitator that always has my back. Maria told me in the beginning that she would always call me on my shit, and she really does. She always holds me in high regard and sees me as my Highest self, so when I’m spouting falsehoods like “I’m not good enough” or “These people are making me unhappy”, she calls me on it. She helps me change my perception. We’ve gotten teary together, laughed a TON, and pray together spontaneously.

It really is a wonderful experience and I am SO EXCITED to get ordained and be able to facilitate this beautiful material.

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