Hypocrite or Work in Progress?



Lately, as I step into my purpose as a life coach and a teacher, I’ve been feeling uneasy. I’ve been worrying. I’ve been feeling like a hypocrite.

A hypocrite is defined by the dictionary as a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.

I’m getting ready to launch a BRAND NEW program called REST that I’m so excited about. It’s all about releasing anxiety and resting in your true identity as love. I’m jazzed about it. I love it. I think people need it. I know I did.

I know I still do.

See, I’m feeling like a hypocrite because I find myself not always able to embody REST.

I still get anxious about what other people think.

I still have moments of panic.

I still worry about what I say.

I still have moments of complete unease.

I still have moments where I’m totally unwilling to listen to my Internal Teacher.

I brought this forward with my coach. How can I possibly guide women through this program, when I don’t have my shit together? How can I help them when I still need help?


How can I be a leader when I’m not perfect?

Her answer blew my mind.

“That’s exactly why you can lead,” she said. “You’re walking through the fire first.You’re going through the stuff your clients are going through.”

I can lead because I’m not perfect. Because everything DOESN’T come easily to me. Because I do struggle with overwhelm, perfectionism, and people-pleasing. Because there are times when I can’t hear the inner wisdom I know is bubbling inside me.

And when I’m going through these awkward, messy, dark times, I often want to quit. I want to give up. I want to crawl under the covers and never come out.

But. I. Don’t.

I show up. I work through my stuff. I reach out for support. I forgive myself. I let myself feel crappy, and then I return to the practice of getting quiet, listening within, and seeing the world differently. I practice courage, trusting myself, being honest with myself, accepting myself. I practice REST(ing).

Leaders who experience difficult times, who struggle, who sometimes hide under the covers and cry, aren’t hypocrites. They’re simply a work-in-progress, like every other human being on the planet.

My practice isn’t about becoming a perfect robot who never feels anything and is constantly happy. Further, my work—coaching, teaching, this REST program—is not about turning YOU into a perfect robot.

It’s about supporting you in your practice of becoming who you really are. It’s about supporting you as you drop old beliefs, old ways of being, old fears. It’s about supporting you as you undo anxiety as a lifestyle and REST(ing) in your true identity.


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