Happiness is the Truth

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DISCLAIMER: When I share what I call miracles (or shifts), I don’t share it to show you how advanced I am or how much I get it. 

I share it to show you that even someone like me—a young woman who, yes, is dedicated to a spiritual practice, but still doubts, still fears, still experiences anxiety; a normal person who wants money, security, love, a life without fear—can experience miracles. 
I share it because I want you to know that you too can be a miracle worker. That you too can experience shifts, that you can experience a life of ease. I’m not special, I’m not different, I don’t have anything that you don’t have and I can’t do anything that you can’t do. We’re all the same, and we all have these abilities. 
The key to unlocking our miracle worker status? Trust.
That’s where my miracle story begins.

The weekend before last, I found out about my surprise bridal shower (the only thing I love more than surprises is figuring out surprises!) and I ran out to buy a white dress. 

I couldn’t find anything, but I kept saying that I trusted, that I trusted that the Universe picked the right dress, that I’m going to find it, and that I’m going to know it right away. 

Later that day, my sister and I went shopping. We went into a couple of stores and still didn’t find anything. Then we went into New York & Company, which I didn’t think would have anything for me. 
My sister ran up to a dress right away, and it was perfect. It was a lace dress with a nude underlay. It was exactly what I would want for my bridal shower—I loved it. BUT, it was a size 0. 
I asked the saleswoman if she had any other sizes, and she said no, someone had returned it after purchasing it online. They didn’t have any other dresses like that in the store. 
In the words of Liz Lemon, blergh. I am not a zero, so I figured I should just write it off. We found a few other dresses, but I decided to keep the lace dress anyway, just to try it on. 
I went into the dressing room and unzipped the dress. As I was putting it on, the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams came on. My face exploded into a smile because I knew that this was a sign for me.  I feel like it’s actually a really spiritual song—it doesn’t have to mention God or anything to be spiritual. It is a song of our truth, that we are supposed to be happy! We’re supposed to feel happiness! He sings, “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!” 
I always clap along because happiness IS the truth. A feeling of happiness, lightness, and joy is ours, it’s our inheritance. We just have to leave behind all the other ideas (i.e., I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve it, I know best how things should turn out) that we place in front of our true self identify as someone who is happy and free. 
I put the dress on, and it went over my hips. My sister zipped it, and I looked in the mirror. IT WAS PERFECT!! I started danced. I FOUND IT! WOOHOO! 
But let me be clear: finding the dress and the dress itself are not miracles. 
Finding the dress was the effect of choosing correctly in my mind.

Our mind is always the cause, the body and the world are the effects. We choose for love or fear in our mind, and then that choice is reflected back to us in the world through our bodies, our relationships, and our feelings. 
The change in my mind was the miracle. The change of in my mind from anxiety—OMG I waited so long to find a dress, and now I’m never going to find one—to peace—I trust Spirit to guide me to exactly what I need.  
This is the true work of ACIM—choosing peace first. It’s just like when people tell you that you have to choose abundance and feel abundant before you can experience abundance. You choose peace first and feel peace, and then you receive guidance and shifts in the outer world that continue the cycle of feeling peaceful.

The shifts in the outer world can be very big temptations, however. We want things to go right, we want to experience love and ease and abundance and a healed body. But if we focus on those outer shifts and use this as a barometer of how well we’re doing on the spiritual path and allow these outer shifts to determine whether or not we’re at peace….we’re missing the point. 

The emphasis is always on the mind. It’s always on staying at peace. Outer shifts are fun and definitely will show up, but experiencing peace consistently, despite what is going on outside of us, is the true reward. That is enlightenment, that is the state of mind that allows us to experience Heaven on Earth.

As ACIM says, “The acceptance of peace is the denial of illusions” (T-10.III.7:2). Accepting peace despite outer circumstances shows that you trust Holy Spirit.

Previously, I would have had a hard time accepting peace even though I hadn’t found a dress. I would have beat myself up for not looking sooner.

Now, I know that, in the big scheme of things, finding a dress for my bridal shower doesn’t really matter. It’s not a big deal, it’s a first world problem. But small things like this still affect us (or at least me). When I don’t feel prepared for an event, when I feel I haven’t done enough, when I feel like I’ve missed a deadline, when I feel that I haven’t done what was “right,” what a perfect person would have done in this situation, I feel like crap and I beat myself up.

I would compare myself: a perfect person would have found the right dress months ago; whereas I waited until the last minute. This means I’m imperfect, that I’m bad. I’m bad, I’ve done it wrong, and now I’m going to be punished—I’m not going to be able to find a dress that I look and feel good in. 
But in this situation, I chose differently. I accepted peace and I trusted. Trusting helped me drop my old ideasthat I should be punished for not doing things the right way, that I should beat myself up.

These two ideas concepts might be confusing. You may be like me and be wondering which word is the main idea—peace, or trust? But don’t worry, love. They are the same thing. You can’t experience true peace if you don’t trust. And when you trust, you feel peace.

So pick whichever you like better: I choose peace, or I trust Spirit. The words are different, but the choice is the same—for love.

And when we choose love, we experience miracles–shifts in our mind that lead to happiness. When we experience these miracles, we remember that happiness is the truth! 

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