From the Walk of Shame to Goddesses & Flower Crowns: My Personal Development Story

Here I am with my flower crown from my IGC Goddess package!
I put my hood up. I walk towards the glass doors and open them, glancing around to see if I recognize anyone. I walk through the lobby and enter the store. I tiptoe towards the goods, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. 
I am at Barnes and Noble on a Tuesday night at 9:30pm. And I am going to buy a self-help book. 
How many of you have done this sneaky walk of shame to the self-help section? Or maybe you play it safe and just order stuff off of Amazon…(I am usually too impatient to wait for it to arrive!). 

When I first started on my personal development journey, it was really embarrassing for me. I really felt like reaching out for help was a sign of weakness, of brokenness. So I hid what I was doing for a long time. 

I actually planned on hiding it forever. No one needed to know what weird stuff I was doing.
Except after a couple of years, I started to get lonely. I started feeling like I needed to talk to people about what I was learning, and I was BURSTING with questions. How did they live their lives? What did they think about the concept of abundance? About how our thoughts determine our lives? 
But I wasn’t ready to actually do anything about it. So I let that thought float up into the universe and just let it go. 
As time went on, things started popping up. I would find a free call, or an amazing blog post, and soon I was taking courses (like this one), joining and participating in Facebook groups or other forums (like MiracleShare) and making connections. Making friends
Then, I found opportunities in real life. A Reiki training. The 2015 ACIM conference. A weekly ACIM study group. And I actually got up the nerve to go

And, funnily enough, the more I got involved, the more I realized that I wasn’t actually broken or weak for being into personal development. That I was actually just asking questions that lots of people thought, that lots of people felt. And I found that as I participated, as I was my authentic self, people still liked me!

Don’t be fooled—I’m not all that far away from the girl sneaking into Barnes and Noble to buy Wayne Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. She’s still in the back of my mind sometimes, groaning, covering her eyes, saying “PLEASE DON’T POST THAT!” But I’ve learned that when I ignore her, I have a lot more fun. 😉 

Now, I’ve followed my fun to an international group of women called Inner Glow Circle (IGC). And they are ALL into personal development. (YAY!)

IGC has been transforming for me because it connected me with women like me. There are weekly group coaching calls where we all show up to support each other and witness each other’s growth. It’s really kick ass, and my shifts are happening so much faster!
IGC also offers a coach training program, which is how I really got connected to it in the first place. What I love about their program is the focus on how you’re showing up in the world, rather than what you’re doing. One of the coaches, Shannon Bretz, often says: “We women already know what to do, and we’re doing all the time. Now, we need to shift how we’re being, how we’re showing up in life.” This is where I’ve been able to really access change, because our BEING translates into our doing. (This is so A Course in Miracles, right?!) 
When I come from a place of fear, everything I do is weaker. When I come from an empowered place of love and joy, everything is easier & the results are better. 

So if you’re done doing the walk of shame, and you wish you had a friend who was into the same sparkly personal development stuff you’re into, check IGC out. I’ll be your first weird personal development friend—just email me and I’ll tell you how you can get join the fun. 🙂

• • •
If you’re an investigator like me, here’s some more info about what IGC offers:
  • 4+ group coaching calls/week where you get coaching around your business and life
  • Private online forum for ongoing support, celebration​, coaching​ and sharing!
  • The GlowBook, a personal development workbook designed to ignite your passions and access your intuition
  • Free sample session with one of the Certified Glow Coaches
  • A Goddess care package with special gifts mailed to you! (SEE FLOWER CROWN ABOVE! 🙂
  • Personal access to our 20 Certified Glow Coaches who specialize in business, health, relationships, self-love, marketing, spirituality and more!
  • IGC Certified Glow Coaching program

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