Feeling lost?

Even though I’ve been a student of ACIM for awhile now, I still have doubts. There are still times when I feel like maybe I’m wrong for choosing ACIM, that it might not be my path, that maybe it is limited in some way, shape or form.

When I let this feeling build and continue, it blossoms into the feeling that it isn’t working. I feel as though I need to find something else to help me move forward on my spiritual journey.

Through these feelings, I’ve discovered some other great books, techniques, resources, like Regina Dawn Akers’s The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament: A Course in Understanding and Acceptance (NTI) and The Teachings of the Inner Ramana; Mari Perron’s A Course of Love; The Cloud of Unknowing; Emmet Fox’s work, Mary Baker Eddy’s work, Reiki, angel work, Tarot, Joel Goldsmith’s The Infinite Way; the list goes on. 

All of these things were extremely helpful on my path. They all contributed to my spiritual practice in some way; but while I was “straying” from A Course in Miracles, I felt guilt. I felt bad for not sticking to ACIM, for not suffering through it. 

But that is an old way of learning, and of being. We don’t need to “suffer through” anything. When feelings like this come up and we feel we need to look around at other paths, we can and should do that. We shouldn’t try to force ourselves into anything; that simply creates resentment. 

The common denominator in all of the paths is that we are not alone. We have an inner guide. So if you show your inner guide your feelings, and bring it along as you explore other paths, you’re not really straying from your path. You’re deepening it. 

What you should not do is allow yourself to feel guilty. Do not hide your feelings of doubt or worry from your self or your inner guide. Recognize that these feelings come up to be healed, and to help you form a deeper level of trust with your guide, who is always pushing you toward the best and highest good for you and everyone else! 

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