Woot woot! I completed a Pathways of Light® ministerial course over the weekend that was amazing. It was all about facilitating courses for other people, and it inspired me big time.

I wanted to share one of the ego-busting tools I learned. It’s something you can use at any time to shift yourself out of beating yourself up and back into peace.

That tool is one word: ENOUGH.

My facilitator and I did a process that involved hearing the two thought systems in everyone’s head (ego and Spirit) spoken aloud. I’d done this in one of the first courses I did. I gave my facilitator some of the ego thoughts I’d written the first time I did the process: Nobody cares about me. People only pay attention to me when I’m angry. I’m never good enough. Everything is a struggle. There’s never enough for me. 

It was painful to look at those old thoughts, and say them out loud. I felt sad for my past self and recognized that some of these thoughts STILL bounce around my brain.

Nevertheless, it was MORE painful to hear them spoken aloud to me.

My facilitator recorded her voice saying the ego thoughts, and played it for me, while she also spoke in a soft, quiet voice. The soft, quiet voice was Spirit, and it said things like You are enough. You are beautiful. You are perfect. 

Hearing the two voices together was jarring. My ego voice was loud, harsh, and grotesque. It made me feel completely lost. It was so loud it almost drowned out Spirit’s voice. But if I listened hard, I could hear it underneath, continuing always. Finally, I shouted ENOUGH! and my facilitator stopped the recording and spoke as Spirit for a little while longer.

When we were done, she said, “See? This is what you can do always. All you have to do to hear Spirit again is say ‘ENOUGH!'”

Even though I had done this process before months ago, even though it is seemingly simple illustration of the two voices we deal with, it touched me very deeply. Hearing my ego thoughts spoken out loud showed me just how freaking oppressive our egos are. How loud, how insistent.

To think that we deal with this every day. 

To think that this is the voice I deal with every day.

To think that this is the voice you deal with every day. 

Take a second here to give yourself a hug. No, seriously, wrap your arms around yourself. Offer yourself some compassion. You’ve gotten so far, listening to this voice.

Now, imagine how far you can go when you say ENOUGH.

And when you say ENOUGH to the ego, there are no exceptions. It can’t tell you you’re fat, or you aren’t good enough, or that you just embarrassed the crap out of yourself and you should be ashamed. It can’t make you guilty for not completing a task, or not meditating three times a day, or whatever.

This practice of saying ENOUGH is all-encompassing. It’s a commitment to hear only Spirit’s Voice, and to STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP. Once and for all!

Because if you listen to your ego, you’ll hear the same things repeated over and over again. You’re unworthy, you’re unsafe, you’re stupid, etc. None of this is true. It’s meaningless thoughts that are repeated on a loop to make you feel small, scared, and alone.

These are the thoughts that have created the world we see. A world of fear, hopelessness, and fleeting happiness.

Imagine the world you can create listening to Spirit’s thoughts. Those thoughts of worthiness, joy, and love will change the world, because our thoughts precede our behavior. Our thoughts are the place that we act from.

So when we’re listening to ego, we’re acting from the ego. This means we’re acting from a place of fear, vulnerability, and unhappiness.

When we listen to Spirit, we act from Spirit. This means we’re acting from a place of love, joy, and trust. Of ease, gentleness, and patience. Whether or not you believe it, acting from this place will affect people positively. But most importantly, it will affect you positively. Your life will change for the better.

But that change doesn’t have to be in the future. It can be RIGHT NOW.

All you have to do is say ENOUGH!

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