Angel Message

In my last post, I told you that I’d share something that the angels told me in one of my angel coaching sessions with Deedre Statz of Spirit Wings.

So here it is! The angels told me that one of the major lessons I need to learn is that I am supported by God. They told me to study and meditate on lesson 50 in the ACIM workbook: I am sustained by the love of God.

This came up as I expressed my fears around money, career, and life to the angels. I was believing that I needed certain things to sustain me, and that I had to struggle to get them. This lesson reminds me that I don’t need to struggle. 

These fears have been showing up for me again, so I decided to return to this lesson. I contemplated the lesson and journaled a bit, and thought I would share what I wrote. 

I am sustained by the Love of God. 

I am perfectly safe and protected by God. 

I do not need to plug into the ego and its thoughts of lack, fear, and people-pleasing to experience safety.

The ego does not keep me safe. It wants me to fumble and make mistakes to keep me distracted from my true greatness. It does not want me to know I am powerful. 

When I get caught up in the past in mistakes I made, I am giving up my power and separating from the peace and Love of God. when I do that, I begin trusting in my own strength again, and I surely do not want to do that when God’s strength is available! 

I am worthy of God’s Love & His strength. He helps me remove any obstacles, and solve problems with confidence and ease. 

I am so grateful for all the Helpers all around me and all the guidance that comes when I am open to receiving. 

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